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16+ Most Elegant Burgundy Hair Styles To Try

Burgundy hair colors are perfect for all skin tones, gender, hair length, hair textures and age.

Burgundy is maroon's fall cousin — a color that could conceivably grow out of your head naturally, but with a playfully edgy twist. From bright dark red to intense oxblood, there are so many different ways to try the burgundy hair color. (==> Find thousands of burgundy hair color inspiration from this Pinterest account)

For the daring, we found ideas for bright scarlet strands, and for those who want to keep it more subdued, there are barely-maroon tinted shades to DIY at home. Of course, there's also everything in between — this versatile color can be worn in so many different ways. You can ask for burgundy in a professional salon or even dye it yourself at home. 
While it may seem like a daunting color change, burgundy is actually very wearable and flattering — and it looks amazing on dark hair, brown hair, blonde hair, short hair, long hair, straight hair, curly hair and as wigs. 
Burgundy and blonde hair
Curls are always fun and playful. However, mixing burgundy and blonde hair makes the curls even way more sexy. Ask your hair colorist to give the highlights in small strands. This duo makes a sensational combination and suits on a dramatic makeup with smokey eyes.
Burgundy curly hair
These days coloring your curly hair in some common colors is not a constraint as you can go for any hue to color your tresses. For example, burgundy hair is really becoming more and more popular these days.
Short burgundy hair
Short burgundy hair is a trend that is truly breathtaking. 
Burgundy highlights
Gone are those days when there is an obsession for natural hair color (black, blonde, brown etc). However, the trend is going in a different direction these days. If you do not want to have a full burgundy hair makeover then try coloring your highlights burgundy. This is what will make you the real fashionista.
Burgundy red hair
Now some of you must be wondering what Burgundy hair is? Burgundy color is the mixture of brown and red with some violet tint. Burgundy hue is the lighter shade of maroon color. The color is named so due to the color of the wine that resembles a distinctive red hue. And these wines are manufactured from the vineyards of the Burgundy area in France.
Dark burgundy hair color
Dark burgundy hairstyle is a treat for your eyes for sure. Again adding some red highlights to the tips makes the hairstyle even more mesmerizing.
Burgundy balayage
Darker roots with lighter tips are in vogue now. Get this hair hue to be a true fashionista of your group. The sleek hair even adds more shine to the hair color. Red teased end of this hairstyle looks really fashionable and fantastic. The burgundy balayage suits a girl with any skin tone. Go for it!
Light burgundy hair color
Sometimes a short bob looks way more beautiful than any other long hairstyles. And if you have planned to color your tresses then the light burgundy hair color is the best idea ever. This colorful contrast on your hair makes the haircut flaunt its style even in a better way.
Burgundy hair with highlights
Try highlights of blue, red, orange, blonde, brown, carmel colors to give a powerful boost which gives you an instant lift to your personality. Your tresses look elegant and playful in this hair hue. The hairstyle suits especially to sleek hair, length matters up to you.
Burgundy hair with caramel highlights
The caramel shiny highlights of this brilliant burgundy hair hue looks absolutely stunning. 
Burgundy dark red hair
Want to get spotted in the crowd? If yes then this hair color is for you. This amazing high pigmented pulp red highlight enhances your style to the next level. The two colors complement each other beautifully. Give your eyes a smoky touch to maintain the boldness in the crowd.
Burgundy hair ombre
No one will ever get bored with ombres… It always matched up with the burgundy hair vogue. Some washed out tints of blonde to the ends epitomize the trend. Ask your hair colorist to give a perfect blend to the colors.
Burgundy brown hair
It is a hair color loved by celebrities, and it always adds an extra layer of deep richness to any look.
Burgundy purple hair
Burgundy hair is no doubt edgy but the purple shades make it even more trendy. Keep a winged eyeliner as it perfectly suits this chic hairstyle. You can have a ponytail as it can give as you can get a bicolor style. It perfectly shows off your burgundy hair with purple roots.
Brown hair with burgundy and blonde highlights
No matter what your skin color is, your brown hair with burgundy and blonde highlights will give you a vibrant look for sure. The hair is illuminated by the sun in a glorious way to maintain your style in the day too. Too Hot to handle !!!
DIY burgundy hair
If you are not sure about the common mistakes of how to dye hair burgundy at home, make sure to check out the guide before any purchase or action. There are also several extremely popular videos on youtube for you to follow step by step.

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