New Technology Has Arrived That Allows Us To Speak To Our Dead Relatives

New technology has arrived, enabling you to talk to your dead loved ones. Now you can live with your living dead inside your smartphones as voice assistants. Är í en California-based company HereAfter AI en created an App. The company aims to enable communication between the living and the dead.

The App enables users to talk and interact with the person from the past or present. The technology sounds like it came straight from the Black Magic episode. The protocol, a technology news site was the first to report the news. The app will not only let you talk to a deceased friend, celebrity, or historical figure but also your deceased family members.

The app recognizes anyone’s voice and information using videos, letters, or voice recordings. Later, smartphones or any smart device control and interact with the bot. HereAfter AI maintains a person’s life story rather than letting you have a whole new conversation with the bot each time.

This is one of the biggest problems with the current grief technology: it’s too generic. They may seem like someone you’re interested in, but they don’t know anything about you. They will respond in the same way no matter who speaks to them. Every time you ask the same question, you get the same answer.



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