The 8 Crucial Turning Points Of Your Life

Turning Points occur at predictable times during our entire adult lives. We make decisions at every Turning Point that affect the next seven to eight years of our lives, so understanding what they are and when they are likely to occur is vital to your life and career.

Your Stage Of Adult Development Has A Major Impact On How You View Your Life

People Usually Become Open To New Ideas When They Are At A Turning Point

Questions You Might Ask Yourself At One Of The Eight Turning Points

Stage One: High School To College (17 -18 Years Old)

  • What relationships are about to change for me? • What are my plans for a career? Why? • What are my main talents? • What dreams do I have about the kind of life I want? Why?

Stage Two: College To Work World (22–27 Years Old)

  • Who am I? • What do I want from my career? • How can I put myself in a position to do what I do best? • What kind of lifestyle do I want and is what I am doing leading me to that kind of lifestyle?

Stage Three: Age 30 Assessment (28–33 Years Old)

  • Is this what I want to be doing? Is it getting me what I want? What doesn’t fit? • Am I really using my most important talent(s)? Are there some talents I have that I don’t know about yet? • If my career keeps going the way it is now, where will I be in 10 years? • Is that where I want to be? Why? • What do I really want in life? Is what I am doing going to get me that? If not, I need to do something different. If so, what else should I be shooting for? What do I want to add to make my life fuller?
  • Some lawyers decide to make big changes and switch careers; others choose to get serious about the career they are in and to turn up the heat on getting to the top. Whatever gets decided at this Turning Point, people move into their 30s and a period of stability — a Building Stage — because they become either rededicated to earlier goals or shift to new ones.

Stage Four: The Midlife Transition (38–45 Years Old)

  • How do I feel about my family? My work? What changes would I like to make in the balance of work and family? • What new direction in my life would be fascinating or interesting? • What values do I need to pay attention to and how can I incorporate them in my life? • What goals do I have for the next 20 years of my career? What needs to happen to accomplish them?

Stage Five: Age 50 Assessment (50–55 Years Old)

  • What has been working about the path I chose? What hasn’t? • What do I want my life to be like in the next 10 years? • What values do I need to pay attention to? What interests? • Is what I am doing meaningful? If not, why not?

Stage Six: Pre-Retirement Transition/Second Careers (60–65 Years Old)

Stages Seven and Eight: Age 70 Assessment (70–75 Years Old) and Senior Transition (80–85 Years Old).



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