The Pure reality

During excavations, archaeologists found a human skeleton tied to a rope and died in the process.
One would have thought that this person would have been kept in the same condition in a prison and then he would never have been released.

This human skeleton maybe 800 to 1200 years old
You see in this picture there are many people today to see a person who died in a state of cosmopolitanism centuries ago.
But did we forget that we have to be structured in the same way?

The only purpose of tell us that the purpose of life is to make the world shine. If anyone has any doubt about this, look at Pharaoh, Nimrod or Qarun.

Every comfort was available but in the end, it happened that one day we all have to be together
Total soul taste of death
So why not understand the purpose of life for which these few breaths are available?

Yes, my brothers, it is very important to understand the purpose of life
If you understand, it is to our advantage, otherwise, look at the picture, one day it has to happen, this is the real destination of every living thing.
May Allah acquaint us all with the purpose of life. Amen



Author/Activist Social Media, Digital Currency. Proud Pakistan.

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